Mop Mop’s exclusive mixtape for *Soulsearching 682*

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“This weeks show includes a very special mix by Andrea Benini aka Mop Mop called “A Tropical Reconstruction” which leads you directly onto the more advanced dancefloor and takes you on a real journey into sounds from around the world. Just the way we like it here on soulsearching! Grazie Mille, Andrea! Check out the upcoming brilliant “A Tropical Reconstruction” Remix EP by Mop Mop, Mr Raoul K, Simbad and iZem on Agogo Records.

First part of the 120 runnings is all about Sounds, Soul, Bass, Afro and more Soul.
And we say goodbye to one of the last real rockstars who left earth to get his kicks in heaven now.
Thanks Lou Reed for just being yourself.”

*Michael Ruetten*