*The Sunday Times*
“Breathtaking, simply breathtaking. The most exhilarating cross-border raid since the Ethiopian composer Mulatu Astatke teamed up with that wayward London collective the Heliocentrics.Hallucinogenic.”

*The Financial Times*
“Mop Mop conjure an impeccably retro island retreat for themselves and for an array of friends. 4/5 stars”

*Mojo Magazine*
“Martial rhythms, spooky grooves and out-there atmosphere make this a spirited, spellbinding set. Put that in your gris-gris. 4/4 stars”

*The Crack Magazine*
(Album Of The Month)
“An organic, percussion-led contemporary world jazz masterpiece”

*Monocle – On Record*
“An inspired suite of voodoo-jazz, Afro-funk and soul that sounds like a lost masterpiece from 1960s Addis Ababa.”

*KCRW Radio*
(Kamakumba Today’s Top Tune)
“Their use of cool vibes and warm marimba is what has captured our hearts. Today’s Top Tune is “Kamakumba”

*Nova Planet*
(Phantom Of The Panther “Le Son Du Jour”)

*Splinters & Candy*
“Mop Mop’s wide variety of instruments create a musical world unlike anything you’ve heard before.”

“This is the first truly trans-tropical album to make me smile from start to finish.”

*World Music Central*
“Mop Mop takes you on a wonderful international trip full of irresistible rhythms from Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America.”

*The Pop*
“Isle of Magic is a gorgeous record that has so many kinds of instrumentation and so many styles at play here the whole thing is somewhere south of mesmerizing”

*Nonobot Rock*
“Mop Mop proves that the evolution of music does not mean antiquating styles; but rather, infusing them and giving them a haven for which they can continue to be heard.”

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