Isle Of Magic *Remixed* is OUT NOW!

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Isle Of Magic *Remixed* is OUT NOW! You can purchase it from :

You can buy the album also on artistxite and check their great review!

Remixes through a range of genres on Mop Mop’ highly celebrated album Isle Of Magic It seems pretty obvious that a masterpiece like this must go to a remix album at some point. In 2013 the Italian bastard funk jazz band Mop Mop had a success on their hands with “Isle of Magic”, and it was recognised as one of the best and most innovative funk albums in many countries. The song performed by Fred Wesley and Anthony Joseph also managed to make it to number one of the best dance floor jazz tracks for the year. While Mop Mop has gone from live show to live show, they handed their masterpiece over to great producers of eclectic music and let them do as they wanted. The result: 15 tracks ranging form dub step (Clap! Clap!‘s version of “Let I Go“) to cosmic disco (iZem’s interpretation of “Kamakumaba“) and slow Chicago house (SoulParlor‘s hands on “Heritage“) through to dubbed reggae (Nostalgia 77 on “Run Around“). “Isle Of Magic – Remixed“ is the most logical and extremely recommendable next step to 2013. Published: Jun 2, 2014
Hans-Peter Ostermünchner (artistxite)